It’s time to move on.
Such a simple suggestion.
Life’s at a crossroad.
It’s time to go in a different direction.
I’ve never been good at this.
I’m not sure I ever learned how to do it
At least not properly.

Most times I’ve moved on
I doubt it had anything to do with a decision.
It’s usually because
If I don’t change direction,
I’ll go over a cliff.

Other times
I’ve stayed the path
And stepped blindly off the edge.

So I ask
How does one move on?
Not with a whole heart,
But with all the broken pieces.
Trying to…


Today we gather to say goodbye
To celebrate a life well spent
To say thank you
Thank you for being a part of our lives

Called home by the Lord
So quickly he was gone
We feel cheated he was taken from us
Yet grateful he came along at all
Only now do we realize what we are without him
Life will never be the same

There is sadness in our hearts
Yet with our sorrow
There is love
There is pride
There is thankfulness
For the gift of his presence

We give thanks for the life of a…

Failure isn’t pleasant.
In fact, it’s something we avoid at all costs.
I’ve done it, you’ve done it.
We don’t want to disappoint ourselves or others.
So, when we’re afraid we might not succeed, we don’t begin.
While understandable, that attitude may be a mistake.
Failing is sometimes the quickest way to learn.

Think back to your early childhood.
When we are young, we are expected to fail.
None of us stood up one day and walked across the room.
We pulled ourselves up, wobbled for a moment, and then fell down.
After some practice (and many more failures), we took…

There’s one thing I know for sure
I know it
With every beat of my heart
I know it
With every cell of my brain
I know it
With the very fiber of my being

I am Who I am
No matter where I am
No matter what I am
I choose Who I am

I might not be able to have a job I love
I might not be able to buy the house where I dream of living
I might not be able to afford the car I want to drive
But if Who I am is a writer
Then regardless of…

Every year we celebrate another year of life.
There is a child inside of us when it comes to our birthday.
The sense of fun.
The memories of friendship.
The celebration of all that is good.

We make special plans.
Knowing that one day in the year, our life will be on center stage.
Not just our focus, but also focused on by people with whom we are privileged to share our life.

Someone once said it’s a shame we don’t have a birthday every day.
How true are those words?
We put so much time and energy into that…

Have you ever had the pleasure of lying on your back and watching the clouds roll by?
We marvel at their beauty, at their power.
They are constantly changing…
Color, shape, size, mood and purpose.
Puffy and white they float around in dazzling brilliance.

Suddenly…without warning, taking on a grey angry appearance, they become storms.
Storms that produce lightning and thunder…
Storms that bring forth all of nature’s vengeance.
As quickly as the storm develops it returns to a peaceful state.
Once again, the clouds float past without a care in the world.

Life can be like the changing clouds…

Sometimes life feels like a country and western song
You wake up and wonder what will go wrong today
It’s hard to imagine anyone could understand
We all go through tough times
Times when it feels like everything’s falling apart
When it’s challenging to see the good in anything
When it feels impossible to move forward
When it seems life will never make sense
When it’s hard to trust you’ll be happy again

Life is a journey
Where you are now is not your final destination
Every journey has it’s ups and downs
Rough roads and smooth sailing
While this might be cliché it’s…

At first I was numb
I barely cried
Wasn’t emotional
Didn’t know how to act

No one taught me how to grieve
No classes you can take to prepare
I was jealous of those able to cry openly
Releasing their grief with each heaving sob

I busied myself with rearranging life to account for the loss.
No longer could I call Mom to tell her bits of news
No longer could I hope for a few hours to visit
I miss being able to talk, to call, to visit

I need you Mom
I need you now more than ever
I need…

It was after the death of my Mother that I began to understand true sorrow
I’d felt sadness, deep sadness
This was an entirely different animal
Grief can take various forms
Sometimes it’s light
Other times it feels like it will swallow you whole
Spit you out
Then swallow you again

Losing a parent is different
It’s been a few years yet I struggle to find the words
I tell you this
**It’s Incomprehensible
**It’s Indescribable
**It’s Inescapable
**It’s Not going away

Even if the death comes peacefully, after a long illness, it’s a wrenching severance
Mom’s passing felt more…

My vision severely impaired by an Ocular Stroke,
The world became a scary place.
A collection of shadowy blobs.
No clear-cut shapes.
No distinct identity.
No specific meaning.
Everything running together,
Stitched with colors that have no names.

The simple visual cues were gone.
I could no longer make sense of my surroundings.
Leaving the house created paralyzing fear.
Everyday activities often meant war.

Unable to assign labels
I struggled to describe what I saw.
My capacity to attach meaning slipped away.
With it went my ability to process the world.

I was embarrassed.
I was afraid.
Confusion the norm,
Isolation gave me…

Catherine Aumack

Writer & Motivational Speaker, Journalist of the Year NJPA, American Academy of Achievement, Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award

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