Today we gather to say goodbye
To celebrate a life well spent
To say thank you
Thank you for being a part of our lives

Called home by the Lord
So quickly he was gone
We feel cheated he was taken from us
Yet grateful he came along at all
Only now do we realize what we are without him
Life will never be the same

There is sadness in our hearts
Yet with our sorrow
There is love
There is pride
There is thankfulness
For the gift of his presence

We give thanks for the life of a man
A man I am proud to call my family, my friend
A humble man of God
The embodiment of compassion
Of duty
Of honor

His greatest gift
The gift of Faith
He used it wisely
Shared it feverishly
A Servant of God
He shared our pain
A trusted guide
He walked the path with us
A living shepherd
We are part of his flock

It feels like the sun that brightened our lives has set
We are left shivering in the cold
Feeling alone in the dark
He wouldn’t want this
He shared his heart
He shared his story
He shared the love of Jesus
With a Divine Fire in his heart
He molded us
He changed us

From his fire
We received a spark
A spark only true believers can share
A spark that strengthened us
A spark that gave us courage
A spark that renewed our faith
A spark that invited us to walk
To walk in the Light of the Lord

Today there is darkness
But the sun will rise again
When we look to our hearts
We find a living flame
A flame that he ignited
A flame that he restored
And while those flames exist
There will be no darkness
We will remember him
We will follow his path
And he will illuminate our lives
With the fires he ignited



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Catherine Aumack

Catherine Aumack

Writer & Motivational Speaker, Journalist of the Year NJPA, American Academy of Achievement, Presidential Volunteer Service Lifetime Achievement Award